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JDK 1.3 InvocationHandler example

Using Java's InvocationHandler, perhaps, also known as a Java 'dynamic proxy'.

The Java 'dynamic proxy', is Java 'handler' class which stands in-between, intercepts, the concrete implementation method invocations.

However there is one notable limitation, such as:
Only Java Interfaces methods may be 'proxied' or 'intercepted'
[ the resultant output from the InvocationHandler Java program ]
Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W.'} Greetings: Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W..'} Greetings: Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W...'} Greetings: Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W....'} Greetings: Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W.....'} Greetings: Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W......'} Person{firstName='Terry', lastName='W.......'} false true Process finished with exit code 0


project notes

The four or five project bridges, so far, I want to cross.

The code completion project for Adobe Flex/AS3Make project a Netbeans project module for supporting Adobe Flex/AS3 code completion.Generate UML diagrams from SWF, SWC, and or Flex/AS3 source code. Write a Go ( Linux driver for a WiMax USB dongle.If feasible and or not already done, write a code completion project for a Go ( IDE.If feasible and not already done, write a code completion project for an ooc ( code completion for the Docbook formatsupport features such as PDF, HTML, ODT, etc. output.

getting to an eventual goal of writing a docbook IDE tool

I would like to write an IDE like tool, like Netbeans or Eclipse is an IDE for various programming languages, for the docbook markup 'language'.

I do not want to code this docbook tool in Java.. but rather in either or and also using qt,, as the GUI technology.

This project is a ways down the road, with several 'bridge' project to cross before being reasonably prepared to head into this project head first.

I would like to have code completion, output to html, and output to ODF, etc..

anyhow, one step at a time.

simulate webcam for desktop streaming

One project idea I had was too write a software based webcam to be used for recording from the desktop or from an arbitrary video file.

I would write the software only webcam driver in either or

And of course, for the Gnu/Linux OS.