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finite state automata project

At some point, I would like to a write a FSA, finite state automata, application.

I would like to program this FSA in Adobe Flex (ActionScript 3).

After I have completed writing an FSA program, I would use this program to handle a Flex application flow and what content goes into a particular area of a Flex UI screen.

The navigation and the content of the Flex UI would be based upon the rules created from my FSA application.

I would have my FSA create an XSD which would explain all the rules of the partiular 'grammer' I was creating with my FSA application.

Then I would need to wire this XSD with some wrapper glue to a program which is using the rules defined with the XSD.  I would need possibly to generate ActionScript 3 source files from my FSA application.

I would also, need to have parent program using the FSA generated code a convenient API to track the state of the parent program in respects to the FSA states that were generated.

At some point I will flush out this idea a…

general links and blurbs about technolgoies bubbling on the internet

[ certification in Flex is good ]

[ flex resources on the web ]
[ familiarize with the various Flex UI components ]

[ develop best practices - coding is not only getting things done but also including an evidence trail that is consistent and easy to follow for people to follow later ]
- code behind -

[ logging and UI inspection in Flex ]

[ best way to 'embed' a 'swf' into a html page ]

[ best way to 'deep' link into a Flex 'swf' application ]

[ aware of the various data visualization libraries ]

a wireless HD streaming project idea

Another project on my todo list is too create a way for a 'Wi-Fi' enabled HD camcorder to stream video to the web wirelessly.

In my preliminary research I've narrowed my focus to the following HD camcorder with Wi-Fi.  The Samsung 'HMX-S16BN'.

This device, the Samsung 'HMX-S16BN' and my personal Android device, the Motorola Droid 2, both support DLNA, 'Digital Living Network Alliance'.

I would like to at present is to use one of the following open source implementations of the Adobe 'RTMP' streaming protocol.  I would use this streaming protocol to play video on the various implementations of the ECMA-262 virtual machine.

Not to get lost in various open source implementations of the AVM2 virtual machine.  The AVM2 virtual machine is specified as an open source ECMA standard,

The various projects which are implementing an open source version of the ECMA (4+) virtual machine which will support the ECMA-262 standard:

my first significant exposure into linux driver development

I've been a Gnu/Linux user for a bit now.

With the advent of, I'm feeling ever emboldened to dive into a 'systems' programming language.

This territory to me, has been for a long time, held a too high of a barrier to entry, for amalgamating the challenging issues involved with c and c++ coding (coding standards, project structure, project tools, build tools, cross platform, etc).

I have made Don Quixote hard charges at the proverbial c/c++ (windmill) project issues before.  Several times.

However, now, with multiple core CPU's and the new various languages with their compilers at the ready to take on this new CPU performance territory the necessitous needs to use c/c++ seems to have abated significantly. project idea is to write a Linux driver for supporting a Wi-Max USB dongle.

And write the driver in the 'Go' language.

I will require a USB an…

a project idea for a flex language parser

I've been writing some Adobe Flex/ActionScript 3/Java applications for a bit now.

And the tools I've been using, have gotten me hungry to discover for myself the challenges of parsing a computer language.  Namely, for my case, Flex 4 and ActionScript 3.

The tools in the most popular IDE's are currently feature feature rich, for the sort of development I'm doing.  (Flex 4/ActionScript 3).  However, mostly, Intellij, has support for Linux for the Adobe Flex development.  Linux is my platform of choice.'ve also been a long time admirer of the NetBeans IDE, however, a long term Eclipse IDE user.

So, my project idea, in NetBeans (6.9/7.0), is too write a NetBeans 'module' or 'plugin' for Flex 4 projects.  Albeit, a module such as this is already in existence, FlexBean.  However, I wa…

new to the metal 'systems' computer languages

At one point, in my programming adventures, I had set to write a 'DLL' for an issue I had been experiencing, a while back.

And, I couldn't really find a sensible way to create one.

Eventually, in due time, a corner case may arose where an interpreted or a virtual machine language couldn't be invoked from a calling program.  For instance starting a JVM or a Ruby interpreter from another program interface may not be possible.

Which lead me to my odyssey of discovering just the solution to solve my DLL/SO problem.

I had successfully made a 'DLL' using the following these two 'bare metal' languages: on my journey, I discovered a number of other tools and languages:…