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Flex 3, BlazeDS, Spring Integration, and ActiveMQ JMS

I've just reproduced an ActiveMQ JMS chat application using Adobe Flex and Spring.

Now, I want to make a record of the essential steps to enable Flex 3 and JMS in this blog post.

The application is a chat program. The way this JMS Chat program works is that a JMS Topic is created in activeMQ. Then every each client then publishes to this Topic to send a JMS text message. Also, every client subscribes to the same Topic to read back the messages their own client produced and also to read back the messages other JMS Topic publishers have sent.

I want to acknowledge the essential blog posts which made my Flex 3, BlazeDS, Spring, and ActiveMq JMS solution succeed.

and especially the source code also provided in this blog post.

before I go into detail, I hope to provide a details on howto download my activeMq JMS Chat solution u…