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The Road Runner Cartoon

The Road Runner Cartoon is about not taking out the industry of your mind to fill an appetite.

The Road Runner is a dry desert, you cannot catch all of its majesty because of its expanse. You can spend your whole life in the desert and not catch all of its wonders. No matter how fast your legs, or how far your eyes can see, either how smart your are or how much knowledge you have.
You will always be hungry and thirsty trying to use your feet to capture all the worlds artifacts.
The desert in the background is larger than any appetite and one will go hungry trying to eat it all.
Our son's when they are hungry tear up the roads and consume the environment entitled to everyone.
Studying our math at our table of the world will leave us full and fed and build us up to not wanting ever to never leave our table even as our time on this world has come.

The math that we all study at our tables to understand the mass that is in all of us (the religious, scientific, and cancerous)
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Translators, maps, conduits, and containers

The Amiga had a hardware emulator which transformed instruction to instruction to a dedicated x86 hardware interpreter in the Amiga could run Microsoft DOS spreadsheet programs in the Amiga OS.

MS-DOS on Amiga via Sidecar or Bridgeboard[edit]
MS-DOS compatibility was a major issue during the early years of the Amiga's lifespan in order to promote the machine as a serious business machine. In order to run the MS-DOS operating system, Commodore released the Sidecar for the Amiga 1000, basically a 8088 board in a closed case that connected to the side of the Amiga. Clever programming (a library named Janus, after the two-faced Roman god of doorways) made it possible to run PC software in an Amiga window without use of emulation. At the introduction of the Sidecar the crowd was stunned to see the MS-DOS version of Microsoft Flight Simulator running at full speed in an Amiga window on the Workbench.

Later the Sidecar was implemented on an expansion card named "Bridgebo…

Mana Two Views of Humanity's Future

Manna Two Views of Humanity's Future by Marshall Brain

Commit a file to a Docker image

Commit a file to a Docker image

List available docker images

docker images
List of Docker images on the Vagrant host
vagrant@vagrant:~/project$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE terry/js latest 72bd945a5a41 About an hour ago 644.1 MB ubuntu 15.10 2804d41e7f10 6 weeks ago 133.5 MB
Show docker processes of any running docker images
A docker process must be running to commit changes to a docker image
docker ps
No docker images are running
vagrant@vagrant:~/project$ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES vagrant@vagrant:~/project$
Start a docker image
docker run -t -i terry/js /bin/bash
Start a Linux docker image and get a directory listing
vagrant@vagrant:~/project$ docker run -t -i terry/js /bin/bash root@a3d2ae84d527:/app# ll total 28 drwxr-xr-x…

A great use of metaphor in a game

The game Kentucky Route Zero uses the outside-in metaphor for guiding the game from what is inside and not visible and what is outside and visible.

linux - off/on/disable/enable the touchpad on a notebook computer

At times when typing on a notebook keyboard which has a touch-pad, under the space key on my notebook,
will at times get inadvertently tapped during typing.

Thus moving the cursor to an undesired location.

to turn off/on/disable/enable the touch-pad on Linux (I'm using Kubuntu 12.04)

use the following command (assuming synclient is already installed)

** the below disable the touchpad **
terry@terry-HP:~$ synclient TouchpadOff=1

** the below enables the touchpad **
terry@terry-HP:~$ synclient TouchpadOff=0